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About Us.

JPM Alliance was founded in 2013 by Jonathan Nichols and Patricia Almeida. Its main focus is the creation of high-quality property developments (residential and non-residential) in Portugal, Myanmar, Australia and Singapore, while being fully aware of new challenges and future demands.


With its team of experienced staff, supported by strategic synergies, JPM is able to respond to current approaches in a well-prepared and dynamic way. The company is also well-known for the principles of rigour and great quality that underscore all the phases of its developments, together with the presentation of new concepts and innovative projects.


By focusing on professionalism, rigour and the creation of solutions, JPM aims to attract and involve partners and clients in promoting business sustainability, at the same time as contributing to urban development by integrating environmental and energy issues as a fundamental part of its projects.


Since establishment the company has invested in and developed projects in excess of 200 million Euros. Its long-term view and value-added approach enables it to navigate real estate cycles and generate robust returns to its investment partners.


JPM is led by Jonathan Nichols and combines decades of experience in property development and asset management. It is poised to capitalise on the growth potential of its markets of focus and has a very healthy deal pipe line.


JPM’s professional approach to the management of construction projects and its reputation for performance, quality and value for money has ensured repeat business from a large range of clients:

  • Property Development (Residential and Non-Residential)

  • Heritage Development

  • Conservation and restoration

  • Property Valuation

  • Building Management

Key People



Jonathan is the driving force behind JPM Alliance, a company he founded in 2013. In his 15 plus years of property development experience, Jonathan has held senior roles with CB Richard Ellis, Lend Lease and Payce Properties. He has overseen over 500 million in projects and has achieved remarkable success in the industry.


Currently he is developing the world-famous Secretariat project in Yangon, Myanmar, a once in a life time development opportunity which will be valued at 150 million Euros on completion.



Patricia is an experienced lawyer and entrepreneur who brings to each project she is involved in an extensive network of contacts across Asia and Europe, along with 13 years practicing law in the core real estate areas of land acquisitions and sales, project development and construction, capital market financing, portfolio lending, commercial leasing and property management, and 2 years as in-house senior legal counselor in an independent premier provider of specialized independent financial and corporate services.


Patricia is currently the Head of Legal of JPM Alliance, which she is also a Founder of.



Finance Manager

Bárbara Rato is a competent and resourceful chartered accountant, with excellent skills in handling financial reporting, taxation, corporate finance, business recovery and auditing activities.


Managing Director, Almeida Fernandes Arquitectura

Afonso spent the first two years of his career (2003-2004) working at Manuel Aires Mateus, developing several projects and gaining work experience. In 2004 Afonso joined the architectural studio Chp Arquitectos as managing partner where he worked as lead designer and project coordinator for 12 years.


Managing Director, Cube Project Management

Tiago Tavares holds an undergrad in Civil Engineering and a post-graduation in Real Estate Valuation both issued in Lisbon, Portugal. Tiago also holds an MSc in Petroleum Engineering issued by Heriot-Watt University, Scotland.


Managing Director, Cube Project Management

Tiago Almeida holds an MSc in Civil Engineering issued by FCT and a postgraduate diploma in Accounting and Finance issued by Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics.

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